AIGCC has established working groups to further member participation and deploy their expertise into key projects and priorities. The working groups provide additional forums for collaboration and increasing knowledge of investor practice on climate change.

AIGCC Working Groups aim to respond dynamically to the current needs and priorities of members. They are forums where investors can bring up areas of interest, collaborate and share discussions, as well as provide expertise to the current projects undertaken by AIGCC.

New working groups include:

Engagement and Policy Working Group
The group has contributed to the Investor Expectations of Asian Utilities report and will undertake an engagement program in 2021 with relevant selected companies. The work this group undertakes on engagement is complementary and in parallel with company engagement as part of Climate Action 100+. Given the interconnected nature of company engagement and government policy in the region, combining the focus of this working group will initially enable investors to understand how their increasingly important role in policy advocacy can also help drive more ambitious corporate climate action.

Physical Risk and Adaptation
The group is intended to focus on the development of solutions to enable investors to integrate physical risk and resilience considerations into portfolio management and drive more investment into adaptation solutions.The focus of work will be on: measurement framework and metrics for adaptation and resilience; sharing and promoting current and emerging investor practice; solutions; and practical tools for building resilience.

Paris Aligned Investment 
The group will focus on developing investor solutions for facilitating the transition to a net-zero emissions economy in Asia, and to track global progress.In 2021, the group will oversee AIGCC’s second annual low carbon investment survey, with a report on its findings to be released in Q1 2021. Scoping is underway on research to identify and collate what institutional-grade low carbon opportunities are available in the region and how they can be scaled up.

Climate Change Training Project
Members identified the need for specific climate change training for investment analysts and portfolio managers in the region, to accelerate the work within their teams or with their clients to integrate climate risks and opportunities into their portfolios. This group will provide advice to the AIGCC team as we continue to develop and bring this training to market in 2021.