Why join AIGCC?

AIGCC offers a number of opportunities and benefits for investors active in the region on managing climate change related risks and opportunities, including but not limited to:

  • The only investor group solely focused on climate in the Asia region

  • A conduit of information from investor peers within and from outside the region on climate risks and opportunities

  • Connection with the Global Investor Coalition and other international initiatives as a gateway for information flow between Asia and global investors on climate

  • Being a key driver of solutions to climate risks and opportunities in the Asia region

  • Provide a trusted peer-to-peer network via participation in the AIGCC meetings, working groups and projects.

AIGCC Commitment?

Members of the AIGCC will be asked to nominate a representative from their organisation. Representatives are encouraged to meet at in person and at regional events, meetings and calls, in order to:

  • Share their relevant experience and/or insight with the group and assist in identifying future focus areas of relevance to investors in the region

  • Provide the Asian investor perspective to regional and international initiatives and fora

About Membership Categories

AIGCC Full Members
The AIGCC Full Members category is open to all institutional investors operating in Asia including superannuation funds, insurance companies and property fund managers.

AIGCC Associate Members
The AIGCC Associate Members category is open to all asset consultants, brokers, and investment industry associations operating in Asia.
The AIGCC Associate Members category is not open to companies or organisations when they more properly fulfil the criteria for the AIGCC Full Member category.

AIGCC Funding Partners
The AIGCC Funding Partners category is open to any organisation that provides funding to the AIGCC for general operations.

AIGCC Supporters:
The AIGCC Supporters category is open to any company or organisation (academic, NGO etc) that is connected with the investment industry.
The AIGCC Supporters category is not open to companies or organisations when they more properly fulfil the criteria for Full Member category or Associate Member category.

Download the Membership Policy

How to become an AIGCC member

Membership of AIGCC is open to investors at all stages of the climate integration journey. The AIGCC forum exists to facilitate conversations between investors and broader financial market participants to increase their understanding of current trends on climate change integration and participate in the transition to a new, low carbon economy.

Organisations wishing to join AIGCC need to:
  1. Complete the Application for Membership form and submit.
  2. Pay the Membership fees. Fees are used to support the range of AIGCC activities.
If you are not sure of your current membership status or would like to make an inquiry, please email us at info@aigcc.net.

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