RI Japan 2021 | Live and free to air | May 17th – 21st

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Japan has been working steadily – perhaps rather quietly – on building a robust common ground for business and finance to consider climate-aware solutions through various public and private initiatives. A notable breakthrough from the Japanese government came when it outlined its ambition to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. This accelerated the urgency of identifying an energy transition pathway and the role of finance in achieving it.

Moreover, increasing attention to human rights, equality, gender, racial, and generation diversity in Japan, has made many businesses recognise the inter-connectivity of ESG matters.

ESG has become a well-known term, but what it really means to businesses and investors is still unclear to many.

This year, Responsible Investor brings its renowned RI Japan ESG and sustainable finance conference in Asia to your desktop.

Since 2012, the RI Japan conference has brought the biggest international speakers together with Japan’s best speakers to contribute to the rapid development of responsible investment in one of the largest economies in the world.

With its new free to air digital format, RI Japan 2021 becomes more accessible for investors and companies to gain insights from global thought leaders on ESG, long term growth, stakeholder capitalism, and sustainability.

Five days of high-level panels at our 2021 event will give you all the practical business information you need to understand one of the world’s biggest trends. The active, live discussions, deep-dive examples and case studies will be broadcast in a fully bilingual format to accommodate dynamic exchanges between experts in and out of Japan.

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