AIGCC Webinar: Net zero investment in Asia- Spotlight on China’s energy sector | March 31 (2-3pm HKT, 3-4pm JST/5-6pm AEDT/7 – 8am CET)

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AIGCC has completed two reports on net zero investing in Asia. The first report, Out of the blocks: Net Zero Investment in Asia, provides a collective view of major Asian investors on factors driving their thinking and behavior as they respond to climate change risks and pursue investment opportunities in the net zero transition.

The second report, Asia’s Net Zero Energy Investment Potential, assesses the required quantum of investment in Asia’s energy supply to achieve net zero and the challenges and progress to-date. AIGCC estimates that Asia’s decarbonisation investment of USD26 trillion (2oC scenario) and USD37 trillion (1.5oC scenario) represents 1.7 per cent to 2.0 per cent of GDP, a similar level to existing levels of spending on energy, and can be partially funded through the reduction of fossil fuel imports and redirection of fossil fuel capital expenditure.

With rising interest in the China energy sector following the release of the 14th Five Year Plan, we have invited WaterRock Energy Economics to provide an analysis of China’s utility sector regarding the transition to net zero and the opportunities and challenges facing the sector.

Speakers for the event:
Zhang LiutongDirector, WaterRock Energy Economics
Flora Wang, Director, Sustainable Investing & Portfolio Manager, Fidelity International
Yong-Liang Por, Research Manager, AIGCC 
Jane Ho, Investor Initiatives Manager, AIGCC 

Rebecca Mikula Wright, Executive Director, AIGCC

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